Welcome to Niwe Jiwi

1 minute read 01 January 2018

Niwe Jiwi (“neeway heewee”) is an Ayahuasca healing center in the Shipibo tradition started by the Traditional Shipibo master shaman don Marcial Maynas Nunta. Niwe Jiwi in Shipibo means “Air Plant”. This is a rare and powerful teacher plant that don Marcial worked with. Don Marcial passed away in 2015 but the center continues to offer services through his cousins, wife and adult children.

Don Marcial Nunta Maynas (1947-2015), Traditional Shipibo Healer

Don Marcial Nunta Maynas (1947-2015),
Traditional Shipibo Healer

Niwe Jiwi offer ayahuasca ceremonies and healing plant diets under the care and guidance of a Shipibo family. The ceremonies are led by don Benito, Marcial’s cousin, with the assistance of Degni and Clever, Marcial’s children and don Dionicio, Marcial’s brother in law. Food and accommodations are provided by the Grandmother Inocencia with the assistance of her children.


Everyone in the family speaks Shipibo but they are also fluent in Spanish. Niwe Jiwi is a unique and special experience in that it is run by an extended Shipibo family that comes from an unbroken line of traditional ayahuasca shamans that traces back beyond memory.

This family cannot provide the comfortable accommodations found at many tourist retreats and yoga centers. But if you are looking for a traditional Shipibo ayahusaca ceremonies and authentic teachings still connected to indigenous culture in a family setting, this is the place for you.



San José, 26 km west of Pucallpa, Peru